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Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
: jim is frustrated. >> just don't have the staff to do that. >> reporter: deep down, the president of the san jose's police officers association feels the last homicide of 2012 could have been prevented. >> it's very frustrating for the officers. it's very frustrating for supervisors that are out if there, listening to these calls come in, and knowing that they can't send anybody. >> reporter: san jose police say on new year's eve, this man, luis hernandez, a maintenance worker saw what appeared to him a burglar casing cars in a apartment complex garage on luis road. he confronted the alleged burglar, a fight breck out, and it ended with hernandez shooting and killing christopher soriano. >> as far as taking action when he saw that person casing for potential vehicle burglaries, yes, he did try to take the law into his own hands and confront that person. >> reporter: frustration had been building for quite some time as car after car were broken into at the summer breeze apartments. sources tell nbc bay area they called the police a number of times, and even offered surveillance vid
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
he made it sound so beautiful, too. listen. uh, "short days, short hours, and long pay, and a jim-dandy adventure." >> how do you say "jim dandy" in sanskrit? >> in a dead language? [knock on door] oh, good. here. [door closes] [speaks chinese] >> [speaking chinese] >> [speaking chinese] >> have a nice day, sir. >> have a nice day? >> now, then, how about that toast? >> what about it? >> what about what? >> new assignment, kel? >> oh, i suppose so, in a way. now, then, here is to old russ and to auld lang syne. >> i'm for that. >> right. >> we'll take a cup of kindness. >> indeed we will. >> to life. >> you drink up, and we'll show you old hong kong. oh, hey. >> mm. >> i'm sorry. >> it's ok, it's ok. it's ok. >> listen, you better wash that off with cold water in the bathroom, eh? you're gonna smell like a barfly. >> you a little edgy, kel? >> well, maybe a little. i was up for a tennis match today, and i haven't come down yet. [door closes] >> that guy really your instructor and all that? >> yeah. was. >> what are you gonna do about it? >> about what? >> you know what i'm talking
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2